Hi, I’m Paul.

I’m using this space to do a bit of thinking out loud as I try to figure out where I am after nearly 30 years living and working on the internet.

Topics will probably include user interface and related concerns (design, brand, UX, accessibility, web performance, writing, process), business (small ones, the running thereof: I co-founded one called Measured), tech (I'm not really a technologist but it's hard not to be interested in new things: multiplayer interface and LLMs are the current ones), books (I like books), music (I also like music), TV and film (ditto) and Edinburgh (I live there) and London (I visit there often).

Probably a bit of parenting too, probably a bit of culture.

I like to think I'm interested in Indieweb, federated social media etc. The reality is that right now I'm more interested in bashing out words for my own very selfish purposes than being part of a community. Sorry.

Just so it's clear: none of the views expressed on Superlifter represent views held by Measured, or any of our clients. It's just me.