Tiny Witch Hunter

The only song my nearly-10 Gen Alpha son had in common in our end of year music wraps was this Hen Ogledd track from 2018.

If it had been a couple of months later, this one from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs might have made the cut, too.

I find watching how he discovers music at this age completely fascinating. His current epic playlist (which I guess is the maxed-out modern day equivalent of my childhood’s radio-to-C90 approach) consists of:

I’m looking forward to finding out whether this magpie approach is an artefact of his age, or whether identifying with a specific genre is something that will be completely alien to him as he gets older.

If I were involved in putting out music in 2024 for exposure (which – much as I’ve enjoyed it in the past – I’m not) I’d focus my efforts on getting tracks into YouTube videos and forget about pretty much everything else.